Fishing The Moulin du Port (Mill of the Harbour) is the ideal place for fishing lovers, You can reach directly the banks of the Cher River from the property, a lot of fishing spots are available at the harbour and in the neighbourhood. One of the rare fishing courses of night carp in the river starts at the property. You will find also less than 2 km from the Moulin a pool for fishing. The necessary equipment (fishing spots, fish farms, etc.) are also at disposal.

The text here under is an abstract of the French rnational association for fishing and you will find a link on the regulation for fishing in the Loire and Cher rivers : "The Cher River is a watercourse of the second piscical category, it is 368 km long, 52 of which run in our departmen 52. The Cher has a middle width of 80 meters, it is canalized up of Tourse through a series of dams each 5 km on average. Downhill it is dammed and influenced by two pieces of work linked to old mills. Each dam has downhill fishing reserves. The place is relatively uniform, although there has been in the last few years a clearing of the water and a growth of the aquatic vegetaion which diversifies the habitats for the aquatic fauna, fishes in particular. The Cher River is mainly populated by species of calm waters (bleaks, breams, carps, beaked carps and tenches). You can find in lower measure fishes of running water such as river barbels, chubs, miller’s thumbs and bleaks of other species. As regards the flesh-eating fishes you will find a lot of zanders, perches and sheat-fishes. The presence of pikes is more limited but you must take into account the scarceness of reproduction areas. The Cher river is a migratory axis particularly for the sea trouts, eels, shads, lampreys and grey mullets. The dam structures to guarantee their crossing are under construction. The Cher is one of the most frequented watercourses in the department due to its accessibility, through paths which run nearly continuously along it"


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