Undergrounds and mushrooms

15 minutes. Discover the cultivation of mushrooms 50 meters underground, as well as the underground city carved in rock in an old...
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Max Vauché Chocolate Factory

At 40 minutes. Guided tours, tasting, chocolate workshops. Manufacturing workshops for children and adults.

Ultra Light Aircraft

A large choice of amazing sight tours over Chenonceau, and some of the French most beautiful landscapes.
la loire en bateau 

The Loire in a traditional boat

At 15 minutes. Departing from Amboise or Chaumont-sur-Loire Climb aboard a traditional boat and embark on an unforgettable journey on the Loire....
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Chenonceau in canoë

Explore the Cher, its bucolic landscapes and its architectural gem, the Château of Chenonceau. 6, 12 km, Chenonceau courses in “morning” or...
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Chenonceau by boat

At 5 minutes. From Chisseaux en Touraine, discover the Cher and go under the arches of the Château de Chenonceau, by cruise...
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Troglodytique Valley of Goupillières

Cave Valley of Goupillières: During your visit to Château Azay le Rideau, don’t miss a visit to an exceptional 2 hectares site....
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At 45 minutes. On the banks of the Loire, the Château de Langeais dates from the end of the Middle Ages with...
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At 45 minutes. An emblematic palace of the French Renaissance, the Château de François 1er is today an essential stop on the...
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Chaumont sur Loire

At 20 minutes. Perched on the rocky outcrop, the Château de Chaumont was built at the end of the 5th century by...
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